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Located within the thriving community of Briton Ferry the nursery is light and spacious offering a calm and comfortable environment. The building itself is locally known as 'The Vestry' and dates back to 1877 in which it housed the choir of the former adjacent Church. We have been fortunate enough to adapt this unique, preestablished space into an extension of home for you and your child. 

Drawing inspiration from the Montessori Method, Tŷ Plant offers a combined approach to early years care and education. Our knowledge of the Foundation Phase Curriculum, alongside the works of other early years theorists, allows us to provide a varied and balanced learning programme, supporting the developmental journey of each child as an individual.

It is both my experience and belief that raising children really does take a villiage! Tŷ Plant embodies this belief, offering a safe place for families to share the highs and lows that life has to offer and a nurturing environment in which our little ones can develop their sense of self and explore their curiosities. 

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